Management Team

Mr. Nguyen Nhu Hung
Chairman - Director
Mr. Nguyen Nhu Hung completely undertakes to keep control on the whole company and acts as a "Captain" of all company activities. He had the practical experience on management in a building brick manufacturing enterprise prior to company establishment.
He has Bachelor's degrees in Laws and Business Admistration.

Mr. Hoang Quoc Hanh
Deputy Director
Mr. Hoang Quoc Hanh is responsible for control and supervision of construction activities at site. He gets much enthusiasm with many initiatives for his work. He had been practically experienced on civil engineering especially on road building before previous to taking part in the company.
He graduated from University of Transport and Communications.

Mr. Vu Huu Duc
Manager of Complex of Hydropower Plants & 110kV Substation for Mai Son cement plant

Mr. Vu Huu Duc manages plants operation (Nam Chim 1 HPP, Nam Chim 1A HPP and 110kV substation) including power generation and distribution.
He holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering.

Mr. Bui Ngoc Duy
Chief Accountant
Mr. Bui Ngoc Duy is in charge of execution of accounting regimes.
He graduated from Tay Bac University with a degree in economy.

Mr. Duong Hong Nam
Manager of Na Bo Petrol Station
Mr. Duong Hong Nam controls responsibly all business activities of Na Bo Petrol Station. Previous to working for SLICC, he was practically experienced on business.
He possesses a Bachelor's degree in Buisiness Administration.

Company Departments:
- Organization - Administration Department
- Accounts Department
- Engineering Department
- Construction Project Management Board
- Complex of Hydropower Plants & 110 kV Substationfor Mai Son Cement Plant
- Nam Chim 1 Hydropower plant
- Nam Chim 1A Hydropower plant
- 110kV Substation for Mai Son Cement Plant
- Na Bo Petrol Station